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I have been involved with a wide range of animals over very many years, including farm animals, horses, poultry, small domestic pets, cats and dogs. In studying their natural behaviour I found how a gentle subtle approach would result in calm well behaved working animals and enjoyable pets.

I was brought up with cats and many litters of kittens. With my dogs I have successfully worked in competitive obedience and have done well at championship shows, including gaining a challenge certificate with my last dog. I have also exhibited at Crufts. I have had two Newfoundland's who have worked in the Newfoundland Club Water Trials.

I have bred just a few litters of puppies, which was a wonderful opportunity to observe the relationship between a bitch and her babies and the behaviour of very young puppies.

With my interest in dog training I started one to one obedience courses which developed into behaviour counselling, and I was advising on behaviour problems long before the term "Behaviourist" had been invented!